Best Dog Anxiety Solution

For any occasion give your dog or cat a Thundershirt. It could be his/her best gift ever.

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    Grey Thundershirt C$44.95

    • Best Dog Anxiety Treatment.
    • Over 80% of Dogs Show Improvement.
    • No Medication Required. No side effect
    • Safe. Effective. Easy To Use.
    • Inexpensive compared to vet visit and medication
    • 100% Satisfaction Or MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

    Use Thundershirt for:

    • Fear of Thunder
    • Barking Problems
    • Noise Anxiety
    • Separation Anxiety
    • Car/Travel Anxiety
    • Crate Anxiety
    • Leash Pulling
    • and more

    Better alternative than Medications

    Treating anxiety with medications is very often inadequate. Sedatives can help in severe cases, but usually must be administered hours before the anxiety event and the effects last long after the event has passed. Daily-use medications are expensive and risk unwanted side-effects. In contrast, Thundershirt is effective, risks no side effects and requires little to no time commitment from dog owners.

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